6 Stunning Examples Of Beautiful Android Widgets Free

Here you will know about some free android widgets. You may use these top android widgets and also some android hd widgets for a more functional home screen.

Android Widgets Free

There are various widgets for your android home screen. However, all the widgets available are not useful. Many widgets may cause harm to your device. So be careful to use a widget. Widgets are nothing but apps thats gives you information about various situations. Weather widgets provide you with information about your local weather conditions. Battery widgets help you to save and enlarge your battery life. And so on. 

Here in this post, I'm going to enlist six very essential widgets. These widgets do not cause any harm to your phone or tablet. These are very useful you must test them. So, let's familiar with the widgets.

Android Widgets Free

Beautiful Android Widgets Free

1. Beautiful Widgets Free.

Beautiful Widget is an excellent widget for your home screen. LevelUp Studio develops it. It has not much user rating in playstore still it is useful and productive according to me. You may install and use on almost all android phone and tabs ( Android 2.3 and up ). 


  • Complete clocks (time, date, alarm, etc.)
  • Multiple widgets (6x4, 6x1, and 6x2 only for tablets)
  • More than 2,500 themes
  • Main weather forecast information for your preferred city
  • Weather forecasts for as many cities as you wish
  • Complementary weather information from Weather Underground or Accuweather
  • Weather notifications from around the world, unlock animations or interactive screensavers (DayDream).

Download Beautiful Widgets

2. Elixir 2.

Elixir 2 is a system information application. A bit hard to figure it out at first. Elixir 2 is an amazingly designed app that runs smoothly & flawlessly. Tamás Barta offers this app, and it has an average 4.5  user rating in playstore.


  • Multiple widget sizes, each can be disabled.
  • Small widget icons, up to 7*7 icons per screen.
  • Open widgets from shortcuts put to notification home screen. 
  • Widget performance screen.
  • Customize widget icons by icon packs.
  • Various widget backgrounds, custom color, background image, Changeable transparency.
  • Different icon sizes.
  • Change label position/color/size, hide labels.
  • Backup/restore widget definitions.
  • Change image, label, refresh rate of widget types.

Download Elixir 2

3. My Data Manager - Data Usage

It is a perfect app to take care and manage your mobile data and take control over these. Mobidia Technology offered this app, and it has 4.5 average user rating in Play store. You can track your data used every day and take alerts before you run out. So save additional overcharge of your unnecessary data uses.


  • It has a smart data tracer to monitor your data uses over your devices.
  • It has call and text tracer to monitor how much call munites and text message you left.
  • It is so smart to trace for what apps you are losing data.
  • If you have a family plan, then you can also check data across every user and every device. You can manage these through a single tap.
  • Maximizes your data to get more out of a plan through the alerts.

Download My Data Manager

4. Battery HD

This is a battery monitor app/widget for your android phone or tablet. smallte.ch developed this widget, and it has 4.6 average user rating on play store. You will find how many hours you have left when you are listening music watching a movie or doing any other activities. This is simple,  beautiful and easy to use.


  • Instantly know your battery status.
  • It has the notification bar
  • Instantly find charge Alerts.
  • It also has a lovely usage chart.

Download Battery HD

5. Internet Speed Meter Lite.

If you often connected with internet, then perhaps you need to know your internet speed. Internet Speed Meter Lite correctly do that job for you. It shows internet speed of your internet connection on the status bar and shows the amount of data used.


  • Time to time speed update in the status bar and notification.
  • Daily traffic usage in the notification.
  • Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.
  • Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days.
  • Battery efficient.

Download Internet Speed Meter Lite

6. Network Monitor Mini.

Network Monitor Mini is very much useful to show you your current internet bandwidth used for upload and download. KF Software House offered this app, and it has 4.5 average user rating in Playstore. It gives you the correct information of your internet connection.


  • You will find Network Traffic Meter (Speed / Data Rate)
  • It has custom Prefix (U: / D: etc.)
  • It also has custom Color, Width, Height, Font, Font size, 
  • It will Hide /s Suffix (per second)

Download Network Monitor Mini

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Hopefully, you find some necessary app/widget information. Use one or many of the apps according to your need. Leave your opinion in the comment box below.
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