How To Be Happy With Free Dslr Camera App For Android

Browsing app store android, I found some free DSLR camera app for Android which may be best camera app for Android devices. Let's see the best camera apk.

Perhaps you have an excellent camera with perfect configurations on your android phone or tablet. You like to catch your memories and moments with a perfect shot. But your outcome is not much better according to your camera configuration or your expectations. Then you are looking for some good quality camera apps.

Your inbuilt camera may not so good as you want. You may find plenty of camera apps on playstore or various apk sites. But many of them are just useless or a disturbing element for your device. Here I'm going to give some useful information on some excellent quality free camera apps, which will provide you with DSLR Cameras like phots and all are free to use.

free DSLR camera app for Android

4 Free DSLR Camera App For Android.

1. DSLR Camera Blur background, Bokeh Effects Photo.

This may be your favourite app to take pictures as you wish with a beautifully blurred background and broken photo effects. Solution Cat Ltd offered this app, and it has 4.2 average user rating on Playstore. This is lightweight and requires Android 4.1, and up, i.e., nearly all android user nowadays can use this.


  • This app has lots of photo blurring, bokeh tools.
  • Quickly make your DSLR Bokeh Effect.
  • Manual and shape blur features.
  • Use your finger and touch on the unwanted part of your photo that you want to blur and keep your particular section focused.
  • It has auto blur image background and manual point blur filter effects options. 
  • Choose a picture from the gallery or take the photo from the camera.

2. DSLR Camera.

DSLR Camera is a fantastic camera app for your Android phone or tablet. NjordApps offer this, and it has an average 4.2 customer rating on playstore. It has an excellent blur effect, and it also has video recording feature. You can take pictures like professionals.


  • This app has real-time filters.
  • It also has excellent colour effects.
  • You may switch between front and rear camera.
  • This app has video recording capability.
  • Nice voice recording system.
  • You may add text and time to pictures.
  • It has white balance.
  • Take high quality and HD image.

Download DSLR Camera: 

3. DSLR Camera : Blur Effect.

The Park View Offer this app, and it is a great camera app for your android phone or tab. This has a 4.9 average user rating. You don't need to become a professional photographer to take a professional photo.


  • Apply blur effect to your photo with sticker, text...
  • Just with your finger to make DSLR Style Blur Background effect on your Photo.
  • Create the beautiful photo with camera pip effect.
  • With PIP camera you have the best way to create creative photos.
  • Creative Photo Frame with PIP Camera.

4. HD 4K Ultra DSLR Camera.

HD 4K Ultra DSLR Camera is another good DSLR camera app. You may use this if you have a high-resolution camera on your device. It has not so high rating on playstore. You can take 4K Ultra HD quality photos and videos with the help of this app. 


  • Capture photos and videos in high-resolution HD quality with the superb camcorder.
  • It has a smart face detection alternative
  • You may select scene modes, colour effects, white balance.
  • Optimize your options for right and left-handed users.
  • Multi-touch gesture and one-touch remote control.
  • This is also known as the front camera (selfie shooting).
So, install any of the apps and enjoy your photo shoot experience.

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