7 Best Live Wallpapers To Download On Android For Free

There are many live wallpapers for Android are available on the play store. However, all are not good quality. I've made a list of live wallpapers for your device.

live wallpapers for Android

Live wallpapers are exciting and give your android screen a lovely look. However, you find many live wallpapers app on playstore are not work correctly. Many of them are not live wallpapers; they are just a photo slideshow or animated wallpapers. So, be careful to install and use live wallpaper on your android phone or tablet. I have here listed seven new and good looking live wallpapers.

live wallpapers on Android

Best free live wallpapers on Android.

1. Water Garden Live Wallpaper.

One of the best free live wallpaper available in the playstore.  If you love water, and LOVE koi fish, but can't have your own, this is the next best alternative! In fact, it's almost better than live fish, and you can STILL feed them. Seamless graphics and incredible choices for change. 

Illusionsoft Inc. developed this app, and it has 4.6 average user rating in the playstore. The atheistic look put into this app is pleasing the ripples and reflection of the background images impressive..! It's beautiful, very nicely done, koi are customizable. The animation for the water is terrific, ultra-realistic. The customization features are fantastic.


  • Top-class water ripple effects.
  • Purely for water simulation, built from scratch!
  • Koi fish bodies are made of accurate 3D models...
  • High-definition graphics maintain high visual quality.
  • It works fantastic with both small displays like phones and large displays like TVs.

2. I love you live wallpaper.

It's great!!!! Love is essential to all creatures. It has adorable wallpapers. 

HD Wallpaper themes offered this app, and it has 4.6 average user rating in playstore, which is enough for an excellent rating app. It requires Android 4.1 and up and it is a lightweight app.


  • I love you live wallpaper is optimized for most Android devices. 
  • Wallpapers look crisp, HD and are beautiful.
  • Enjoy the best wallpapers for your phone.
  • Excellent backgrounds for girls and boys who fall in love.
  • It also looks great on black and white android phones.

3. Aquarium 3D Live Wallpaper.

This is cool with excellent graphics, really looking fishes. Aquarium seems to have come alive in your phone. DoubleDragon offered this app. It has 4.6 average user rating in playstore.


  • Real 3D Live Wallpapers.
  • Animated fish and air bubbles.
  • Wallpaper animations are high quality.
  • Excellent high-quality graphics.
  • Realistic fishes are floating on a sea background.

4. Wave.

Wave is another live wallpapers choice. Paper World Creation developed this app, and it has 4.7 average user rating in the playstore. Required Android and its size vary with the device.


  • It has excellent animations.
  • You can set the parameters separately. You have unlimited options.
  • You can share the unique wallpapers with your friends through social platforms.
  • You can quickly change the looks of the wave.
  • You can also import presets with QR-codes or hyperlinks.

Download Wave.

5. Muzei Live Wallpaper.

It is another cute live wallpapers for your android phones. This nicely refreshes your home screen each day with famous artworks. 

Roman Nurik and Ian Lake developed this app, and it has 4.4 average customer ratings in the playstore. This is Updated July 2018. You can also use your home gallery to make your home screen live. Muzei will rotate your favorite photos every few hours.


  • It divides the framework, blurring and dimming art to continue to keep your widgets and icons from the highlight.
  • You can choose your favorite photos from your gallery.
  • You even use other apps to use on your home screen.
  • Muzei is developer-friendly.
  • Muzei offers a simple API that allows you to build your wallpaper source.
  • Double-click the background open the Muzei program to relish and also learn more about the art from its entire glory.

Download Muzei Live Wallpaper.

6. Koi Free Live Wallpaper.

This is awesome if you are an aquarium fan and like koi fish, this app is for you. Koi fish play in your home screen and the fishes run away on your finger touch makes it alive and interactive. You may also feed your fish. 

Kittehface Software developed this app, and it has 4.2 average user rating in playstore. Although this an old app and not updated for so many times, it is still a for your homescreen nowadays.


  • Watch Koi happily explore their pond.
  • Vibrant fish and create in a lovely way Koi are living wall-paper a lot better compared to the real point!
  • Everything is 3D rendered with fully interactive water that supports multitouch.
  • Tablets and mobiles are wholly encouraged in the landscape and portrait manners!

7. 3D Rose Live Wallpaper Free.

If you like and love rose and want to play with rose, this app gives a  real filling to play with lovely roses without damaging them. Swiping through your home screens, you can rotate flower with gestures. The scenes will change its orientations through your touches. 

Oleksandr Popov offered this app, and it has 4.2 average user rating in the playstore.


  • Flower rotates as home screen changes.
  • Tilt rose by swiping up and down.
  • Photographic vignette to draw attention to the flower.
  • Easily access settings with a double tap on the home screen.

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Hope you find some useful information. Use any of the live wallpapers as you like. Do not look at the serial number as I made; this serial is arbitrary. Leave your feedback through a comment in the comment box below. Moreover, share this post through your social media profiles. Thank you.

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