5 Best Water Reminder Apps for Your Android Phone

water drink reminder apps

Because drinking enough water from time to time properly is essential and helpful for everyone, that's why I will familiarize you with some very good quality water drinking reminder Android applications. Once you have installed any of this app, it will properly do its duty to remind you when to take a glass of water. You may free from frustration not to drink water at a time. 

Water intake will speed up digestion and get water balance, enhance the skin, keep the body fit and show signs of improved wellbeing. You can take a gander at it as on a special water diet. These applications are exceptionally made for busy individuals. water tracer will alert you to savor water time. Water tracker can help bring sound propensity back, keep up hydration and speed digestion up instantly!

There are individuals who climb or exercise a great deal where water admission is imperative. There isn't a huge amount of fluctuation in this space on a portable. These apps remind you to take drinks at ordinary interims and track the amount you devoured. It's simple, basic, and most apps don't botch it up. So, let's find some best water reminder apps for Android!

Water Reminder Apps

1. Water Time - Drink reminder app, water diet tracker.

 Amazing app. It will help you drink more water every day. If you often forget to drink water in time or no time to keep track your water consumption, then this app may help you to drink water at regular intervals.

water reminder app

Mobile Creatures offered this app and it has an average 4.7 user ratings in the play store. This app is updated in September 2018 and you need Android 4.1 and up to install.


  • This is is a simple aqua reminder and water tracker designed for you to drink water.
  • This app water quantity for a day is calculated especially for you and will protect every cell of your body from dehydration. 
  • You can monitor water allow on time and in the required amount, that can be effectively changed to help any diet regime.

2. Water Drink Reminder.

Water Drink Reminder is another useful app for water reminder. This app reminds you to drink enough water, according to your requirement and also helps you stay hydrated.

Water Drink Reminder - Apps on Google Play

Leap Fitness Group offered this app and it has an average 4.6 user ratings in the play store. This app is updated in October  2018 and the required Android version may vary with the device.


  • The water tracker will remind you when and how much water to drink throughout the day. 
  • Changed container and standard (oz) or Metric (ml) units. 
  • You can easily customize your start and end time to drink water for each day. 
  • Diagram and logs of your calendar.
  • Synchronizes weight information with Google Fit. 
  • Synchronizes weight and drink water information with S Health. 
  • You can sign in through your Google account. 
  • You can reinforcement and reestablish your drinking information through the water tracker.

Download Water Drink Reminder.

3. Water Drink Reminder - Hydro.

The Hydro application is a basic water drink update, to inspire you to frequently drink the right sum. If you do not drink the correct amount of water, this is a perfect application, which will restore your healthy habits and will help you care for proper hydration.

Hydro application

Freshware offered this app, and it has an average of 4.5 user ratings in the play store. This app is updated in October  2018 and the required Android version may vary with the device.


  • Water demand calculator–will calculate and suggest the amount of water to drink each day. 
  • Reminders–will ensure regular hydration.
  • Diagrams and measurements - will show your advancement as you frequently drink water. 
  • Adjustable sizes of compartments - change them to your necessities.
  • Multilanguage (Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, 中文, 日本語).
  • Automatic backup copies in a cloud.
  • Data transfer between various devices.

4. Water Drink Reminder.

If you don’t have a good habit to drink enough water, then this is another very good app for you. It is essential to drink water and to keep up water balance in the body. Water Drink Reminder a convenient App will help you in this way. 

Water Drink Reminder - Apps on Google Play

Easy Creation offered this app, and it has an average of 4.7 user ratings in the play store. This app is updated in October  2018 and you need  Android 4.0.3 and up to install.


  • Customized figuring of the measure of water your body needs. 
  • Reminders that will keep you from neglecting to drink your water.
  • Simple, intuitive and stylish interface.
  • With the help of Water Tracker, you will easily get a healthy habit to drink enough water.

5. Water Drinking Reminder Alarm.

It is simple and easy to use but one of the best water reminder application for your Android phone or tablets. Very good reminder app, drinking water is necessary for good health, its good someone is reminding.

Water Drinking Reminder Alarm - Apps on Google Play

ANDROID PIXELS offered this app, and it has an average of 4.3 user ratings in the play store. This app is updated in September  2018 and you need  Android 4.1 and up to install.


  • Water drinking reminder alarm is the perfect and awesome water tracker app to stay hydrated. 
  • Enter your weight and age in this water tracker app to find an adequate quantity of water to intake.
  • You can easily share the water intake with your friends using this drink water reminder.

5 Best Water Reminder Apps for Your Android Phone 5 Best Water Reminder Apps for Your Android Phone Reviewed by Shuvra Biswas on 27 October Rating: 5


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