Top 5 Funny Free Call Santa App For Android

Call Santa App

This Christmas install call Santa app and call Santa Claus directly. You may track Santa with Santa tracker app and find a Santa Claus near you.

Your kids will happy when they call and fun with Santa Claus. You may download and install video call with Santa app for free.

Free Call Santa App For Android

1. PNP–Portable North Pole™ Calls & Videos from Santa

Calls and Videos from Santa

Make your kids smile with a magical video from Santa from Portable North Pole. Seeing Santa speech the children directly makes them entirely want to get on the nice list! Portable North Pole brings Santa to you within the comfort of your own homes, while not having to face the madness of the shops.

From Santa's Elves at UGroupMedia Inc offers this application. This app has an average 4.6 user ratings in the play store. You need Android 5.0 and up to install this app.


  • Capture your kid’s reaction to Santa on your smartphone and obtain a picture-in-picture video that you simply can relish it as a memento and a cherished Christmas memory.
  • Order a Magic Pass early within the season and that they can guarantee that Santa is going to be ready to say your name and pronounce it properly too!
  • Even if you incomprehensible our pre-season they tend to add thousands of recent names each year to create positive that Santa will cause you to feel special and say your name the means it is meant to sound!
  • An all-new style and navigation that has games, an associate advent calendar with twenty-four mini-series videos from Santa Village (Magic Pass) activities, and then rather more.
  • Improved the Parent’s section with an updated menu for easier navigation with a parental lock to stay the magic safe for the little ones.

Download PNP–Portable

2. Santa Claus Christmas Call

Santa Claus Christmas Call

This one is a very useful app for this Christmas celebration. Your kids can chat with Santa, and you can save a memory of the voice. You may wish Merry Christmas to somebody by a new and different way. You may make a fake call in his phone by choosing a time that you want him to get the call.

Android Simple App Studio offers this app. It has an average 4.6 user rating in the play store. The required Android version is 4.1 and up to install this app.


  • You can make a random live call with Santa Claus.
  • You can get this app for free.
  • You may receive unlimited calls for free.
  • call Santa with the real voice of Santa Claus.
  • It has an awfully easy and simple to grasp interface.

3. Santa Video Call Free - North Pole Command Center™

Santa Video Call

This single app lets you chat, message, video call and audio call with Santa Claus. You may track a Santa Claus near you. So this app is fantastic.

North Pole Command Centre Limited offers this app. It has an average 4.4 user ratings within the play store. You need automaton 4.3 and up to use this app.


  • Send Santa messages! Receive messages from Santa! Parents will use the Message Santa practicality to stay kids well behaved! REQUIRES PARENTAL SETUP.
  • The latest craze sweeping the North Pole. This is THE social networking website for Elves and Reindeer!
  • Santa’s blog is currently in its fourth year! All years are included therefore if you’re new the party you’ve got lots to catch up on!
  • Santa's Naughty/Nice List has finally gone digital! Check out where you are on THE LIST!
  • Find all new Digital News Feed directly from the North Pole!
  • Now in its fourth year!
  • The latest mobile gaming craze taking on the North Pole!
  • Want a beard like Santa's, however, haven't got the time to grow one? WORRY NOT! The Beardifier adds a beard automatically to anyone you are taking a photograph of!
  • Add elf ears and hats to your pics!
  • Want to grasp if you have been naughty or nice? Simply take a photograph of yourself and therefore the naughty nice scanner can check it against the North Pole Database!

Download Santa Video Call

4. Fake Call From Santa Claus Christmas

Fake Call From Santa Claus Christmas

This is another Call Santa App for your kids. You may make a fake call with virtual Santa Claus. Just select timer to get the call back with Santa Claus and just wait for your phone to ring, receive the call and talk with Santa.

top_mobile offers this app. It has an average 5.0 user ratings in the play store. The required version of Android is 3.0 and up to install this application.


  • Simple and straightforward to use interface, everybody will use.
  • You can make a high-quality call with Santa Claus.
  • Enjoying calling about Merry Christmas and take your gift tree Christmas.

5. Call Santa

Call Santa

Fantastic app to laugh with your kids. parents send an image message to Santa coverage any kid's smart or bad behavior. Santa then responds back with a reinforcement message according to kid's actions.

UUKASOFT LLC offers this application. It has an average 5.0 user ratings in the play store. The required Android version of Android is 4.1 and up.


  • Select “Kids” bottom to add each kid’s name.
  • Select either “Good Choice” or “Bad Choice” consistent with given kid’s behavior.
  • Take an image of the child and press ok to settle for it.
  • Wait few seconds for the letter to arrive from North Pole and press “OPEN” once the transmission is completed.
  • Show the letter to the kid; offer him time to scan and realize it.

Download Call Santa
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