3 Best Backlink Checker Apps For Android

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If you have a website like mine, then it is essential to building some good links. You have to create some quality backlinks for your website. Link Building is a key aspect of off-page SEO.

In order to build links, it is a good trick to check backlinks of your similar/rival websites. There have some good backlink checker android applications to check backlink of any website.

With these apps, you can check backlinks of other websites similar to you. Then you may make a strategy to build some good backlinks from those websites.

Search engines review how much of quality backlinks that a web site has to confirm a website's overall PageRanking and that they indicate a good link score, as well.

It is difficult to find a good android app to check backlink. However, in this article, I'm going to familiarize you with some backlink checker applications by which you can check backlinks of your similar websites.

Best Backlink Checker Apps

1. SEO Backlink Tool.

SEO Backlink Tool

LXRMarketplace offers this app and it is a useful app to check backlinks for your rival websites. Once you type the URL of the of your rival site and tap on the get backlinks button, it will show you the required data you want to know.

This app will show you the total number of backlinks, number of referring domains. You will find the total number of no follow links.

You may check the number of GOV and EDU links. Also, it will show you the number of pages indexed in google.

Click on continue button and find all the referring URL, their rating and the anchor text used. You may also download the report.

So, this app may become helpful.

2. Backlink Checker Free.

Backlink Checker Free

This is another good backlink checker app you may use. This app is offered by Rifaldi. This app is useful, but you have to bother lots of advertisement.

You may have some problems while using the first time. You will not find a place to put the URL. Just click on the get backlink data button without putting the URL, now you will find a box to put the desired URL.

Type the URL of your rival website and click on the get link data. You will find all the required data you need.

This app will show the number of unique links, number of links to the home page of the website.

You will find how many do follow links referred to this site. Also, find the Link Influence Score (LIS).

You can also find the filtered link list as you wish.

3. Sinium SEO Tools

Sinium SEO Tools

This app is not only the backlink checker but also a complete SEO tools pack. SINIUM offers this app and it has an average 4.2 user ratings in the google play store.

It includes more than  50 SEO tools to enable developers with one of the most powerful search engine optimization apps.

After installing the app click on the Link Analyser button and put your rival website URL. You will find all the data including total links, number of internal links, number of external links and the number of nofollow links and their URLs.

You can additionally export the information as a CSV file.

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