7 Best Free Currency Converter Apps For Android

Currency Converter

If you have an International business or if you like to travel to many countries, then you need to convert your currency. You may need to exchange Canadian dollar to USD or euro converter or you may need to know the dollar exchange rate.

Some android apps may help you for that purpose. When money transfer is necessary you need to know the exchange rates. You will find the current currency conversion rates and easily do your currency exchange.

What is a currency converter?

A currency converter is some software or mobile application designed to convert one currency into another.

In this article, I’m going to familiarize you with some good currency converter apps for your android device. Through these apps, you will find an idea of foreign currency.

7 Best Free Currency Converter Apps

1.  Currency Converter Plus.

Currency Converter Plus

It is the easiest, most user-friendly app for global exchange rates. This awesome app includes multiple currency feeds. You will find the historic rate charts. This also includes a built-in calculator for convenience. You can compare prices anywhere while traveling abroad. It still works offline for travel once the rate of exchange information isn't available.

Download Currency Converter Plus.

2. Travel.
Travel - Currency Converter

Discover the price of the dollar nowadays, euro and additionally the bitcoin where you're. you'll realize the price of your favorite coins updated. With this currency exchange calculator, you'll convert 160 coins from 243 countries. you'll do all this without the internet. This app also provides the real value of the Venezuelan Bolivar.

Download Travel.

3. Fast Currency Converter.
Fast Currency Converter

This one is another nice currency converter app. You can convert currencies fast and easy. This app includes currencies of all major countries. The currency rates are updated on a regular basis every day. You will also find a secure and trusted HTTPs currency feed.

Download Fast Currency Converter.

4. xCurrency.
xCurrency - Smart Currency

This used to be a great app, and I used it extensively while traveling in Asia. This is a simple & beautiful currency converter.  Using material design and making an intuitive and graceful experience to global travelers. Supporting more than 210 currencies and find real-time updates for international exchange rates. a wholly new and easy way to currency convert is at your fingertips.

Download xCurrency.

5. My Currency Converter.
My Currency Converter

This is the perfect application when traveling abroad or buying online. It is a world currency and exchange rates converter in real time and wholly free. you'll use this currency calculator to convert the particular price of every foreign currency to a different one, simply type the value you wish to calculate, choose the currency and you'll have a result instantly.

Download My Currency Converter.

6. iMoney
iMoney - Currency Converter

iMoney is a really free currency exchange rate calculating app for android users. iMoney provides calculation between more than 170 most frequently used currencies and simple, easy-to-use user experience. It supports calculating rate between 5 currencies at the same time. The rate data will be updated on an hourly basis. It’s list view' provides a view of all currency rates.

Download iMoney

7. Currency Converter DX
Currency Converter DX

This is a powerful currency converter - calculator. Convert any currency to another. Find easy the exchange rates of currencies. Convert multiple currencies simultaneously. This may become the perfect tool for all travelers in each country.

Download Currency Converter DX.

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