How To Recover Deleted Text Messages Android

Recover Deleted Text Messages Android

For Android users, messages play a very important role in people’s daily life. Which help them to easily communicate with each other, deliver vital information, and stores a large amount of message. 

But when accidentally messages or contacts get deleted or lost photos from the SD card from your Android handset device. Due to certain reasons as virus attack, hardware or software failure etc, the importantly saved messages gets lost/deleted. This could lead to a very disastrous situation for an Android user.

Recover Deleted Text Messages Android

There’s quite lucky that you can retrieve all lost text messages from Android phone. You may do that with the help of many Android SMS recovery software and tools. 

When you face any kind of such situation. The first thing you must do is to stop using the phone any further. And then after applying Airplane mode in the mobile and shut it down. Remove the SD card installed in it where the data were saved. 

The next you must do is to download an automatic android data recovery tool in your Windows or Mac PC. Connect the SD card with your System. The system then recognizes the card, it automatically generates all the lost data in the backup folder. 

These software’s are basically designed for recovering deleted as well as lost and formatted messages. As well as you may recover your lost contacts, photos, videos from Android Devices. There are powerful tools for recover deleted data. Or lost SMS text messages from deleted or formatted the SD card. Or recovering from factory settings. 

Due to their easy-to-use interface, this software is ideal for everyone. It may use even single users or professionals, or even concerned parents who want to protect their kids from negative information. 

You can recover your deleted messages automatically from your device after connecting yourself to the computer. It’s easy to use interface allowing the user to just connect the device to the system. Just follow the steps that software interface shows and start to scan. 

You can able to read you’re sent and received messages directly. Which you can easily recover and export to HTML or easily read or print directly. 

One of the fantastic software is FoneDog. You may use this app to recover accidentally deleted SMS without rooting your phone. Download and install FoneDog and follow the following steps:

Android Data Recovery

Connect your phone with your PC or laptop.

Take a USB cable and connect your phone with your PC or laptop in which you have installed FoneDog. Now Open PhoneDog toolkit in your PC.

Enable USB debugging

Open your phone and enter setting option and select About Phone. Tap Build Number’ seven times in rapid succession and then back. Now select the developer option. Turn on developer option and enable USB debugging.

Select the file type you want to recover.

Then you have to select the file type you want to recover. In this case, you must select SMS backup restore.

Start scanning your phone.

Now tap on the next button on your phone. The toolkit will automatically start to scan your phone to recover deleted SMS. It may take some time. So, you have to wait.

Recover text messages.

After completing the scanning process the software will show you all the messages. You can see the recovered data displayed on the next window.

Final Words:

You may use FoneDog as well as much other good quality android recovery software. Such as Dr. Fone, Undeleter, Minitool Mobile Recovery for Android and many more. So use any of the software and recover your deleted SMS messages and enjoy.
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