Google Assistant Go Your Personal Assistant On Android

Google Assistant Go

Google Assistant Go is one of the google official application to make your android experience easy and simple. With the help of this very useful app, you can do any task with simple voice command. It supports various language so that you can use with your own language.

Just touch and hold your Android home screen and say any task to do google assistant go will do the work for you. You may also find help via your headphones without touching your phone screen. For example, you may hear your favorite song by asking your Assistant.

While driving or busy with some works in your hand you may hear incoming messages and notifications.

Turn On Google Assistant.

This app may already installed with your Android handset. Touch and hold the Home screen button or say "Ok Google". If not you may download from the play store and install on your phone.

Find Google Assistant Updates.

On the play store find "Google Assistant Go" and tap on the updates, if you have any updates you will find that and install the updates.

What Can We Do With The App?

Make quick phone calls on the go.

While you are busy with any work in your hand and cannot do a manual call. You can make a phone call to anyone from your saved contacts. Just say "call xxxx" xxxx represents the name you want to call. For example “Call Sameer”.

Send text messages. 

You may send a text message by voice command. Say "Text xxxx you want to text". For example“Text John I am trying to reach fast”.

Play music.

Simply ask to play any music from your collection or from an online store and google assistant go will play the required music.

Navigate places.

Find direction to your nearest places. If you looking for a bank ATM just say “Get me directions to the nearest ATM”.

Preview your upcoming events.

Just say “Tell me about my day” and find your important upcoming events.

Weather information.

You will find the weather condition of the day.


You will find the answers to any general knowledge question. For example, if you say “How tall is Mount Everest?” you will find the height of the Mount Everest.

You can do many more with this application. This app really makes your life simple and fast. So, you may install this app on your android phone or tablet.
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