Do Abs Workout With No Equipment With Your Android Phone

Abs Workout

Make your Android Smartphone as your Abs Workout coach just installing a free application called HealthFit from the play store.

This fantastic application is offered by Life Assistant Tech Group, over 500,000 people installed this app and it has an average 4.6 user ratings in the play store. You need Android 4.1 and up to install this app.

Download and install the app searching from the play store. Now open the app and the app will ask your gender. After selecting your gender you will find the options actually what you want. Select one from Loose Fat, Get Fitter or Gain Muscle and tap start. Allow the necessary permissions the app will ask you. Now you will find the workout options, choose any and start your abs workout. At the bottom of the window, you will find three tabs called Home, Workouts and Me. Tap Workouts to see the full workout lessons.

You will find the various category of workouts.

Hot workouts 

under Hot workouts, you will find Office Stretching and 7 Days Fat-fighting Plan.

Weekly Plans 

under Weekly Plans you will find the subcategories 7 days Sleep Improvement ( for 7 days), 7x4 Abs Workout ( for 28 days), 7x4 Full Body ( for 28 days ), 7 days Fat-fighting Plan ( for 7 days ), 7x4 Arms & Shoulder Workout ( for 28 days ), 7x4 chest Workout ( for 28 days ), 7x4 Back Workout ( for 28 days).


Under Cardio, you will find Classic Full Body and Advanced Full Body subcategories.

Body Specific

Under Body Specific category you will find two sub-category Abs Workout and Advanced Abs Workout.

Healthy Lifestyle

Under this category, there are three subcategories available Morning Stretch, Bed Stretch, and Office Stretching.


This category has three subcategories: Explosive Force Training, Vertical Jump Training, and Endurance Training.

HealthFit has custom exercise plans and lots of fitness courses to assist you to retain fit effectively. such a lot of individuals take exercise to burn calories, tone body, and trim waist. you'll customize your physical exercise set up under the course. No instrumentation required and you'll simply do your daily exercise where you would like. So install and stay fit.
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