Enable Dark Mode In The Google Chrome Browser For Android

Dark Mode Google Chrome

How you can enable the dark mode in the Google Chrome web browser by default. In this trick, I will be talking with you guys how you can enable the dark mode within the original Google Chrome app itself. You don't have to sideload any third-party application. You don't have to do any mess around or something else. But by default, you can enable this dark mode in the Google Chrome browser.

You can enable the dark mood the first step, You have to go to the Google Play Store. First, and check whether you have updated the google chrome app to the latest version. Or not in the search box just type "Chrome". Just see whether you have updated your google chrome app to the latest version. If it is updated that is the last update date should be seen. It is the recent deal.

Okay now just go back and open the Google Chrome web browser. The version has to be 74 or above. In the web address just type "chrome://flags" you will go to the page called chrome flags. Now in the search box insert you can type "chrome UI dark mode". Once you start typing automatically it will start showing the chrome UI dark mode you have to enable.  Now just click on the drop-down menu and click on enable. Now relaunch the browser just click on relaunch. 

Once you have successfully enabled that chrome flags now what you have to do is sometimes it will not be reflected. So what you do is just go to your background apps and clear the Google Chrome browser from your backgrounds. Then open the Google Chrome browser back. And then go to the three dots menu. click on the three dots menu and go to the settings. In this basics tab, you will find this dark mode as you can see there. Just click on dark mode and successfully enabled on the Google Chrome web browser.

So this was the most important feature that we were waiting for such a long time. The smartphone looks really good once this dark mode has been activated. The browser in general as you can see this is the home page of the Google Chrome. If you go to the settings or bookmarks or other pages you will find everything will be in dark mode. So this is very cool.

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