How to Enable 'Dark Mode' On Android'

Dark Mode' On Android

The bright color on the dark background, which is also referred to as the dark mode or dark theme, is a kind of interface that refers to use of text and icons in bright colors on the dark background, often in the field of user interface design in computer programs and web design is used.

The first computer user interface was formed on a computer terminal with a monochrome display with CRT technology. Phosphor usually had a very dark color, and it was illuminated when the electron beam hit on it, it appeared in green or amber colors or other colors, based on the type of phosphorus used on the monochrome display, on the black background.

Dark Mode' On Android
Its contrasting color, dark on bright, was first presented by word processors with the ability to receive the same view, to simulate ink mode on paper.

Benefits of using dark mode.

Dark Mode' On Android
Whether reading text on dark backgrounds is easier and healthier is between vagrant and perceived researchers, this is a controversy among ordinary users.

Bright light on the dark requires less energy on some display technologies like OLED, LCD, and especially CRT. This can affect battery life and the conservation of natural resources.

It's generally more comfortable to read white text on a black background as opposed to black text on a white background. It has better contrast less blue light it saves more battery. It can be helpful for people with sensitive eye conditions.

Enable Dark Mode.

Although there are now more dark modes available for different apps and even different phones, there are still some limitations. It doesn't make everything totally pitch black or dark blue either way. If you're an Android user here are some ways you can turn your device dark. Let's start off with some of the most used apps that have a dark mode feature.

Unfortunately, Facebook still does not have it. But you can now unlock the dark mode on your messenger app by sending the crescent moon emoji to anybody. If you don't want to bother anyone just send the emoji to yourself. We also have twitter, telegram, Snapseed, Google, Play games, Firefox, Opera, Google Maps and of YouTube all of these work for Android and then we also have apps that are already in dark mode by default.

Dark Mode' On Android
You can make a quick shortcut for it by going to the settings. Then tap accessibility go to accessibility shortcut. And hit smart invert colors. When you do this you can just triple click your power button or home button to activate smart Android.

When smart invert is on features like two-tone and night shift are automatically disabled. pretty much the whole UI including apps with or without dark mode are inverted except for photos and videos.

Here's another tip turn on reducing white point under accessibility to display accommodations to remove white outlines as well as have a darker control center. However, it's not perfect it can mess with the graphics in certain apps for example on Instagram photos aren't affected. But videos end up inverted as well for Android it's a different story.

There are brands like Huawei and Samsung who have a built-in dark mode. We were really impressed with Samsung one's UI. When we reviewed the Galaxy S 10 their dark mode looks awesome. For Google pixel phones you can activate the dark mode and display settings. But what's interesting is the automatic mode which changes between light and dark depending on the overall tone of your wallpaper.

Then we have third-party apps and launchers you can download to get night mode. Such as Swift installer, solid explorer, file manager, nova launcher or simply use g board or swift key for your keyboards.

You can change the course of the keys to something darker, another thing you can do is turn on the invert color feature if your phone has it and finally to seal the deal. Be sure to do the simplest thing. You can do to achieve dark mode which is changing your wallpaper to something black, especially if your phone has an AMOLED screen. As this saves even more battery when you're in the home screen.

Alright, so guys do you have the patience to go totally black or will you go back and stick to the light mode and be basic.
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