With This Tip, You Can Share A WhatsApp Chat From One Device To Another

Share A WhatsApp Chat

Many WhatsApp user doesn't know this feature in WhatsApp. There is a function to export discussions to another device. All details can be found to do this in this note.

If you want to keep or move application conversations, this trick works for you. WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world and is therefore constantly updated for the benefit of its users. However, some of its functions are unknown although they have been available for some time. This is the case of this tool that allows you to export the chat to other devices that very few people know. Here we will explain more about this trick.

WhatsApp allows you to send a complete conversation, with or without media files, by e-mail or by Skype conversation. The conversation is sent in .txt format and you can open it in any word processor.

To do this, you must select the chat you want to send and open the list in three points located at the top left of the screen. Then choose the item "More", in the new window of the menu you will find the hidden option "Export chat".

The application will ask you if you want to send the chat with or without the attachments. After this step, you can select where you want to send the chat. It can be to another device via Bluetooth, an e-mail or another e-mail application.

In this way, you can securely store any conversation on WhatsApp, whether it is private, at work or study. This is one of the tools belonging to the application that allows a more practical and useful use, but it is a little promoted.

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