Google Inbox Alternative Spark Email App For Android

Spark Email App
A very popular app for iOS user called Spark Email is now available for Android. You may download and install it from the play store for free.

As Google has shut its official inbox for the email, you are not able to open and read your necessary email through Google. But here has good news for you, if you are an Android user. Spark is now available for Android too.

Spark Email App has many fantastic features such as smart notifications, snoozing, send later, reminders, quick replies, and more. you may like. You can also connect all your email account like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, IMAP, etc., in a single place.

Spark mail review:

Spark is a good app service that provides an email on iOS, which is why Spark will now serve Android smartphones. Spark - Email app by Readdle This app is now available for Android users to download on Google Play. Therefore, your smartphone must have Android 6 or higher Android.

Take control of your inbox: 

Spark Email App
With this app, you can easily sort mail like personal, work and newsletters, and many other categories -- and maybe even clear -- your inbox.

Noise reduction:

This app automatically filters your inbox to reduce your spam mail.  Notifying you about emails from people that you know so that you can easily understand the importance of the mail.

Focus on Important Emails:

If you have an important mail from real people, it will bubbles so you can easily read and reply.

Spark Email App
Spark - The e-mail application through Readdle can install important email messages. Similarly, if you want to send an e-mail later, save it in e-mail and schedule it when you send e-mail. Reminder, smart search, follow-ups, snooze, pin features. Along with this, there are still many good features available. Spark - Email application through Readdle is available in both types for free and paid. About 61 MB of Spark Size - Email application by Readdle.
Google Inbox Alternative Spark Email App For Android Google Inbox Alternative Spark Email App For Android Reviewed by Shuvra Biswas on 04 April Rating: 5

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  1. SaneBox is an excellent alternative - with comprehensive features and intelligent algorithms, it supports your productivity and keeps your inbox clean.


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