Stop Unwanted Notifications On Your Android Smartphone


Notifications are one very interesting feature of the Android operating system and they make it very convenient to use applications and directly access some updates. But at times they tend to get very annoying when you ate a lot of applications and especially when you don't know where these notifications are coming from. So if you want to turn off notifications from a certain application or if you are not aware of where these notifications are coming. I'll show you a very easy way to turn off such notifications.

How To Stop Unwanted Notifications On Your Android

Manual Way:

Say if your phone comes pre-installed with certain applications which keep showing you notifications that you have not asked for. Then you can just open the notification long press on it. And it will show something called app info. Just tap on it and it will take directly to the app which is showing a notification. Now just uncheck "show notification" tab and it will not show you notifications ever again. 


This is so simple and so easy to do and it does not take more than a minute. But you have to repeat the process again and again for every application showing the unwanted notifications.

Installing An App:

On the other hand, you may install a very simple application called Daywise by which you may scheduled notifications. This app is offered by Synapse Inc and you may download this from the play store for free.

Daywise android

After downloading and installing the app open it. Skip 2/3 information windows and you will find GET STARTED button, click on it. Select or type any of your email ID for Daywise and tap on OK. And continue with SIGN UP. Now you can schedule your notifications. Choose the time when you want to see the notifications. It will send all the notifications on your inbox from where you will find all of them.

After scheduling tap on the CONTINUE button. The app will scan all of your apps installed on your device. Allow the apps from which you want notifications. Don't forget to allow Daywise, otherwise, all of your work goes useless. That's it.
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