Pause Your Favorite Videos And Games With Face Pause

Face Pause App
In this article, I'm going to familiarize you with a very interesting app for your Android smartphone called Face Pause. This newly released app is very interesting and useful. When you are playing a game or watching a movie you may need to sudden pause your game or video, then this app comes to play an important role. This app will auto-pause your game or video. This app also useful for any other apps need to pause. So you may save a ton of data by pausing the apps which require the internet to play.


  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. The app is completely free.
  3. Small in size, it takes only 2.6Mb data.


  1. It contains various advertisement.
  2. You have to always open your front camera, so it may drain your battery.
  3. The required version of Android is Android 7.0 and up.

Who can use this app?

Everyone who plays games, watches videos or run internet may use this app. You can use this app if you are an Android user and has Android 7.0 and up.

How To Download face Pause?

Go to the play store and search for "Face pause" you will find the app. Just download and install. Or you may follow the download link given below:

How Does This App Work?

The first step is called base pause and it has one set goal to stop any game or video when you're not looking at the screen. It uses your front-facing camera to detect if you're staring at the display and when you look away or your camera isn't facing you everything gets pause

It works perfectly with YouTube Instagram videos or stories any game you're playing. And more within the settings you can do a ton of things such as customize the standby screen use the rear camera for face detection.  Just keep in mind that this can impact your battery life.

Features Of Face Pause:

  • Pause and resume the game, videos, music, internet browser, and other application with face detection.
  • This app has a smart launcher with which you can easily launch any app boosted directly and conveniently.
  • When an app is paused you can choose your favorite color of the screen overlay.
  • This app allows you to manually turn on the screen and turn it off so that you may save lots of battery life.
  • You may also control the pause with the rare view camera of your device.
  • You can specify how often the camera should check if you have turned away.
  •  You can choose to display a menu when the screen is paused allowing you to access the App Launcher fast.
  • you have the option to show the pause cam on your screen while using FacePause.

Final Words:

This is a fantastic idea to develop this type of application. Like every apps, it has some pros and also some cons features, you already read. So, you may try this app. 
Pause Your Favorite Videos And Games With Face Pause Pause Your Favorite Videos And Games With Face Pause Reviewed by Shuvra Biswas on 30 July Rating: 5

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