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Today I will talk about a very interesting and unique Weather app called shadow weather. It makes by a guy who's only 16 years old. He's made a great app like this. So I thought you guys should check it out because it's genuinely one of the best weather apps I've been using. He's adding a lot of functionality to it.
It's spotless and you'll find the AMOLED theme. So it saves your device's battery. It's punch, and it's got lots of detail on it about the weather. You can see the cloud cover, humidity precipitation chance. It includes one of my favorite things is this 24-hour period where it shows you hourly the different forecasts.

Who Can Use Shadow Weather:

Everyone from traveler to the office staff who need some weather information can use this app. The required Android version and the size of this app may vary with your device configuration.

How To Download Shadow Weather:

You can download and install this app from the Google Play Store. go to the play store and search for "shadow weather", you will find the app. Otherwise, follow the link below, just click the link given below and install the application.

App Features:

  • You can change between temperature and pressure. You can even see what the humidity is or the dew point. So I think that's nice. 
  • You can even view the UV index. Amazing is that it has a radar built-in. So it shows you at the top that green means it's gonna be light so light rain cloud cover.
  • Diving in the settings you can see there's a bunch of different unit formats. So whether you use Imperial or metric.
  • There are a few different theme options. And there's also some quite a lot of customization options in terms of you can choose which section displays watts.
  • So you can choose whether it displays could cover pressure temperature humidity things like that you can change the order around which is nice.

Final Words:

Overall it's just good in case you want to watch out for something specific like a tropical storm or you want to look out for some rain coming in or something like that. It's nice to have that built-in. I like how you can scrub through the time as well.

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One Of The Best Free Weather App - Shadow Weather One Of The Best Free Weather App - Shadow Weather Reviewed by Shuvra Biswas on 06 August Rating: 5

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