Do Not Disturb App For Android Smartphone ( Effective )

easy dnd

If it puzzles you with notifications, flash messages, and various disturbing features on your android phone then you may just find a very interesting Do Not Disturb application known as Easy DND on your smartphone. You can download and install this application for free from the Google Play Store.

A little too unpredictable so easy DND is an application designed to take control of the setting and make sure it behaves how you want. They design this app with eight colorful quick access toggles that allow you to trigger a range of various do-not-disturb functions.

App Overview:

Category: Lifestyle | Price: Free | Developer: StrangerWeather |
User Rating: This app is in development, so no user rating is available now |
Size: Varies with device | Required Android Version: Varies with device |
Current Version: Varies with the device.
Popularity: This app is now under development, but already this app is installed by 5K+ user. So this app is going to popular near future.

Pros and Cons:



  •  Simple and easy to use.
  • Lightweight only need a few MB of data to download.
  • Beautiful layout it takes eight colors combination to make the interactive user interface.
  • Gives nearly accurate information
  • This app may not work with some old version of android.
  • This app will prevent the device from sleeping, so it may drain your device battery.
  • This app will receive data from the internet.

Concept and Functionality:

Easy DND takes the whole concept that do not disturb and makes it dead simple. Once you install the application you have to give it access to notifications. It's just a single screen app with very large buttons. There is one option to change the theme. There was a dark mode available with this application.

easy dnd

App Features:

  • With the first button, you just turn full DND on or off.
  • You can get granular where you can only turn alarms off you can only you can turn priority on and off.
  • You can only get messages from your favorited contacts and stop receiving unwanted advertisements or spammy messages.
  • You have the priority settings are where you can edit those priority stuff and say make it just phone calls only from contacts like from favorite contacts and allow repeat callers.
  • You can go to media sounds and turn either media sounds on or off and messages on or off touch sounds on or off.
  • Whether or not you want to allow alarms it just allows you a granular level of control.

Final Words:

Just like the simplicity of this interface is great I really like it. It's a simple app that just gives you better control over your Do Not Disturb settings. So easy DND a free application available on the Google Play Store nice I like it I use DND every time we do the show so it's a very handy feature.
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Do Not Disturb App For Android Smartphone ( Effective ) Do Not Disturb App For Android Smartphone ( Effective ) Reviewed by Shuvra Biswas on 17 August Rating: 5

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