3 Best And Useful Apps For Android February 2020

Best Android Apps February 2020

Hello friends, today I will talk to you about three special Android applications. I hope these three will be very useful to you.

CoSy - Contact Sync

cosy android app
The first app I would like to talk about is Cosy, which is contact synchronization. This is a wonderful Powerful and Useful App. It will synchronize your local contact image with your Facebook Friend's profile image.

Automatically synchronize your Facebook friends with your local phone contacts. Then you will see the photos of your phone calls, so even if you don't see the name of the person who calls you, you will understand the caller by watching the photo of the person.

There is another version of this specific app that can synchronize Whatsapp. But your handset needs to be rooted to use this. So if your handset is rooted then you can definitely try. And now you can synchronize your contacts from both WhatsApp and Facebook.

But guys, since this app still has early access there may be some difficulty. For example, you may have to log in to Facebook multiple times. On WhatsApp, you may have some issues. But don't worry, you can auto-synchronize up to 60 to 70 percent, and then you have to do the rest manually. And then the app will automatically synchronize all contacts.

Stylish Text

Stylish Text
Then the app I will talk about is the stylist text. And it works like its name. This means that with this app you can make your text fun and stylish. If you need to write a text in different places like you can write a WhatsApp message or post or comment on Facebook or you can email. You can try this app to make your text beautiful.

Here you will find many options and you will see a preview of the text style you select. And you can set the font you like as default so you can easily find and use these font options when writing later.

Here you can send your message or status directly to WhatsApp. There is always a new font added to this app. But there is a problem here, some ads may annoy you but since you are using this app for free, you have to bother it. If you want to showcase your creativity on social media, then you must try this app.

photo editor
Next, what I am saying is that the photo editor apps. Now you must be sure to ask a question that you already have a good photo editing app such as Snapseed or PixaArt or any other standard photo-editing application. But to use them, you must first learn photo editing. Then you can use them. But if you are a primary photo editor, then with this application with no knowledge of photo editing you can make your photos look beautiful and attractive. Also, this app requires only 5 MB of space to install. If you have low memory on your phone or if you use a low-end phone, you can install and use this app.

This app has a very simple and easy-to-use user interface that anyone can easily access. There are absolutely a few tools out there. This app is not full of excessive tools, so you will be less confused when editing photos. These tools are simple and easy to use. Only these basic and useful tools can make your photo stand out. You must try this app to make the image look beautiful and attractive.

So, guys, these are the three I thought this week you must. So you must install and use it and write your experience in the comment box. Thanks.
3 Best And Useful Apps For Android February 2020 3 Best And Useful Apps For Android February 2020 Reviewed by S Kumar on 09 February Rating: 5

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