5 best free android apps for this week

best free android apps

Friends, winter is over, and summer has begun. Let’s enjoy this summer. Our smartphone is one of the best ways to make life simple and beautiful. And the life of the Smartphone is all the applications installed on it. So today I will introduce you to some new best free Android apps that will really interest and help you.

Let's find 5 best free android apps for this week.

The first app I will tell you about is Smart Face. In this app, you will find various types of beautiful live wallpapers of your choice, which will bring a nice and smart look on your phone. In the Play Store, you will find various types of live wallpaper applications, but this app differs from other apps. Here you will see many more things like Time Widget Battery Percentage Step Count. There are lots of different wallpapers stored in this app that you will definitely love.

If you prefer a lot of apps on your home screen, then Transparent Widget will definitely come in handy. With this app, you can create a transparent widget of any app on your home screen. To increase the Transparent Weight, you just need to luggage your home screen, then you have to press the Widget button. You need to go to your home screen by freshening up the Transparent widget and then leaving it where you want to place the app, then select the app you want to create the Transparent widget. Transparent widgets will be created and will be on the home screen but will not be visible. Your home screen will be clean, but those apps will be on the home screen just click and open.

If you find photo editing difficult and you like to add orange and teal effects to photos, then you can do this with just one click. Install an app called Orange Teal on your smartphone. Open this app after downloading and installing you will get plenty of filter options. Select one filter to select a gateway from your gallery. Below the photo, you will see a progress bar below which you can increase by adding a filter of your choice and adding a nice look to your image. I love this photo editing app. It's very simple and I hope you like it.

Maybe you go out for a weekend with your friends or have a party where you have to take group photos. But no one is there to take photos. So if you want to take a photo, you have to either leave the group or any of your friend goes, the same thing will happen to you. You can overcome the situation by installing an application called Say Cheese. You need another handset. Both phones will have to install the app. And connect the handsets with each other. Now set the phone to a specific location, and you can see and control what is happening on that phone with the second phone.

If you are bothered by using your phone's default volume bar, then you can definitely try the Knobby Free App once. With this app, you can create a different volume control bar on your phone which allows you to do all your phone call volume, media volume, alarm volume, and other such volume control. Here you will see a round volume bar that looks different that can give your phone a unique look. You can also customize this volume bar. You can find a variety of themes that you can use as you like.

These are the 5 best free android apps I find for this week. If you have any app suggestion please comment below. Thank you.
5 best free android apps for this week 5 best free android apps for this week Reviewed by Shuvra Biswas on 31 March Rating: 5


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