Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life May 2020

Here I will introduce the top 10 android apps that you can use in your everyday life. These apps include some launcher, some photo editor, some wallpapers, and task manager apps. You can use these unknown apps for free.

most useful android apps

App developers are developing new apps every day to improve and enhance our smartphone experiences. In fact, there are so many Android apps published every day. Many of them may not be useful to you, but there are some fantastic apps that may be helpful to you. And that is why today I will show you the 10 best free most useful Android applications for the month of May 2020 that you may try.

1. Customized Pixel Launcher

The custom Pixel Launcher is a second-generation Pixel Launcher, which means it is like the Pixel Launcher but with additional features. If you've been using other Pixel Launchers for some time, first, you won't get custom Pixel Launcher differently. However, after using it for a while, you notice that it is even better. It's smooth, lag-free, and has more customizable features than any other developer. CPL has all the features and customization options like home screen and app drawer grid, scroll animation, widget padding; Options for compatibility with icon packs, customizable icon backgrounds, UI theme selection, etc. and supports Google feed, widgets and notification points at a glance. However, you will need to install the APK from GitHub. As you can see, it has everything you need from a third-party launcher. Simplicity, smooth operation, and all the above make CPL the best free launcher on the Play Store.

2. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is the official competitor of Facebook for applications like YouTube and Twitch. It works like YouTube gaming. The app is a portal to the Facebook video department, but it cancels everything except games. Facebook games have two purposes. It is a portal for viewers to find broadcasts and game videos, follow creators and take part in content. You can also use the app to stream your game live. There are a few bugs here and there in the app, but it works fine.

3. DopeWalls

DopeWalls is on our list, one of the best wallpapers apps. It provides you with high-quality wallpapers that perfectly fit your device. The app provides a superhero wallpaper that will bring your home screen to life. The application is available on Android and is available for free. There are different categories available to meet the needs of each type of user.

4. Picnic Editor

Suppose you want to click on a photo of outside nature or a landscape and find that the weather is moody. Changing weather can still work well with photography, but not with any landscape. From there, the picnic photo filter app takes effect. Whether it's rain or clouds, you can click on photos. With this app, you can recreate the entire atmosphere after taking a photo. No matter where you are, the picnic app can take you to a spectacular morning in Santorini or a spectacular sunset in Paris. The picnic app adds a natural and dynamic touch to the atmosphere and background of your photos. This photo editing application is unique with all the options at your fingertips. All you have to do is go out and click on an image and then take it to the picnic app and you can choose from over 20 editing styles. This app fully identifies edges and only applies filters to required fields that come because of professional results. If you like mobile photography, then this app is a must try.

5. Super Wallpaper

super wallpaper
Xiaomi has recently released the latest update for its Android skin: MIUI12. This version has big changes in the user interface, new animations, and many interesting features. However, one of the most spectacular features of MIUI12 is Xiaomi's "Super Wallpaper". A set of interactive 3D wallpapers that provide an aerial view of Earth / Mars on the lock screen. The app developer also has ported the Super Wallpaper app to all Android devices having Android version 8 or later.

6. Snap Search

Snap Search is a common browser-style application that focuses on privacy and security. It is mainly used for fast web search and light web browsing. It is not a complete browser like Chrome or Firefox. But you can open it, find what you want, click the link and navigate. Some features of the app include a plugin blocker, a tracker blocker, and you can download web pages for offline use. There is also an integrated VPN service that allows you to use costs $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

7. Retro Music Player

Online media streaming platforms are furious right now. Apps like Spotify, Gana Music, and many other online media streaming platforms have gained a lot of popularity lately as users fully move into the world of online music. However, there are still many people who like to download music and want to listen to it offline. If you are one of them, then Retro Music Player is for you. The retro music player is very well designed and organized according to the album. Unlike other offline players, here you have complete control over thesis and optimization. You can also choose between the app's white, dark, and AMOLED interface. You can set your favorite accent from the built-in color palette. Other features include the home screen and lock screen widgets, sleep timers, built-in equalizers, and support for 30 languages.

8. Afterlight Photo Editor

Afterlight is a simple but powerful photo editor. No ITU is great and easy to use. Tools, filters, textures, trim tools, and frames are included. You can easily share the image as soon as you finish editing the option. Overall, you get a feature-rich photo editor that does exactly that.

9. Bundled Notes

Bundled Notes is a new task application that provides a solid organization. The theme has many slot machines and options already available. For you to easily sync all your notes, the lack of web app integration means you have to hold your phone whenever you want to edit your notes.

10. Via Browser

Through the browser, if none of the Play Store browsers is fast and light. With a size of about 1 MB, it loads web pages quickly, the faster we will call Chrome. There is also a built-in add blocker, which sets this browser apart. It has all the nifty features you want in a browser.

That is the list of our top 10 android apps for the month of May 2020. I hope you enjoyed. Try these apps and share your experiences. Thank you.

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