7 Best Anonymous Chat Apps For Your Android Smartphone


It may bore you chatting with friends on WhatsApp or Facebook. Ever wanted to get acquainted with a stranger and make friends? If your answer is yes, then you can use an anonymous chat app. With this app you will chat with people anywhere in the world, keeping your identity secret. These apps strictly maintain your security and privacy. No one will know anything about you unless you want to.

There are many people who prefer to talk and get acquainted with strangers than acquaintances. If you want to do the same and are looking for an unfamiliar boy or girl, then in this post you will find several apps that will make your job easier.


The first app I want to talk about is MeetMe. The database of this app is very large. The number of subscribers in this app is much higher. Over 100 million people registered in this app. This app has many useful options.

You need to give some details about yourself, such as your likes, dislikes. This app will suggest you random people. If you want to chat with strangers in your own area, turn your location on and off the local tab. Here you will find profiles of several people in your area. You can start chatting with anyone you like here.


Wakie is another very good app. Here you can create a discussion topic of your choice. And you can invite people to take part in the discussion. Here you can match your opinion with someone, and with him/her, you can take the friendship forward. You can communicate with any person in the world with just a message with no photos or posts.

Here you can easily find free chat. Just search by typing ‘social chat’ and every time you get a profile list of additional people. Show your interest in the profile of your choice and start chatting. Here you will find various chat options such as free random chats, voice chats, talking apps, social networks.


This app is not just for fun. Here you can get advice on how to deal with important issues while keeping your own identity secret. In our lives, there are some problems that you can not discuss with someone you know or ask for their help. In such a situation, this app can be very useful to you. You can help others in the same way.

Anonymous Chat Rooms:

This is another very useful and important app. They design this app to create an organic conversation experience, reduce feelings of loneliness, and improve mood through conversation. You can make hundreds of thousands of friends by keeping your own identity secret. This app will protect your security and privacy nicely. There are over 1000 chat rooms in 32 international languages ​​with the help of which you can chat with unknown people every day.


The concept of this app is very similar to Facebook. Here you can like and comment on photos posted by others. You will also find random people to keep your identity secret. Here you will find some dating game. You can try these games for leisure.

Here you can watch other people's live streams or do it yourself. You can connect with a nearby man or woman by keeping your own identity secret.


You need not register or sign in to this app. You can chat directly with another stranger, keeping your identity secret. When you disconnect the app, it will delete all chat records. So it will maintain your privacy. Here you will find users from all over the world, so you can talk and make friends with people from all over the world.

➢Talk to Strangers:

This is another good app to start a conversation with a stranger directly without registering. Here you can live audio chat. You can watch any movie or video together while chatting in this app. Search any movie or video while chatting and share your favorite video with your chat partner.

My Opinion:

You remember that just as you are keeping your identity secret, so is the person in front of you. So it’s a little hard to believe the person in front. Therefore, share information about yourself carefully. Otherwise, there is a possibility of being deceived.

Another important thing to remember is to use all these Anonymous Chat Apps only for temporary entertainment. Never take these seriously. Never share your personal information. Install any app and enjoy it. Thank you.
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