5 Best Latest Creative Android Apps Of Feb 2021 For Everyone

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Friends, today I will talk to you about 5 brand new applications. These 5 apps are brand new and your favorite. Whenever you install and use these apps on your mobile, you will become a fan of them even if you don't want to. These apps are all new and this post is very interesting you just read with the whole mind.

1. Update Software Latest

First of all, let's talk about an essential app. The name of this app is Update Software Latest. If you install this app, you will know with a single click which of the apps that are installed on your mobile need to be updated. It will take a lot of time to go to the Play Store and see if you can get the updated version of the app.

Install and open this app and click on the check button. You will see which app updates are available. You can also update App from here on. From here you can find out how much time you have used your mobile throughout the day. You can also find out how long an app has been in use. This will save your time and energy.

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With this app, you can put different locks on your phone's incoming calls. You can lock different types of passwords to receive calls. This means that whenever a call comes to your mobile, it will not be possible to receive the call without your set password. When your incoming call arrives, you will not get options without a password. Even any button on your mobile will not work. When you enter the correct password, you will see the caller's number or name. You can use this app to avoid receiving calls from kids or your friends.

You can use a variety of passwords of your choice. Such as pattern mode, numbers mode, button mode, etc. You can use any mode lock as you wish.

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3. Celebrity Face Morph

Friends, this time I will talk about a hilarious and interesting app. With this app, you can attach your own photo with any celebrity's face. You can add your own photos by changing the face of a photo, as many celebrity photos are available on Google.

You need to open your camera and take a photo. Then you click on the tick mark. Then search the name of the person you want to put your face in the search box. You will get many photos of that person. You select anyone and press. Your face will stick to the photo of that person.

Similarly, you can add your face to any photo. Here you will find thousands of celebrity photos. You put your face on any person's photo and have fun sharing it with friends.

Celebrity Face Morph
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4. Picskit

This is another great photo editing application. You can easily make your photo outstanding. You do not have to learn photo editing for this. You can give a professional look to your photo with minimum effort and time.

With this app, you can make your picture into a cartoon photo with one click. You can easily change the background of your photo. You can put your favorite sticker on the photo. You will get numerous effects that you can use to make your picture attractive.

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5. Always On Display

In this app, you will get AOD (Always-On Display) theme of unique designs. This theme design will always be on your home screen.

Open the app. Select the theme design of your choice. Your theme will be applied to your mobile shortly after it is locked. If you want, you can change the design of the theme by a long press on the home screen. You will get enough information on the home screen.

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Each of these apps is new and nice. These are available in the Google Play Store and can be used for free. The user interface of all the apps is very nice and easy to use. So in conclusion, try these apps.

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